The Hyper 35

The Hyper 35 ENG camera is a Hybrid of the Canon 5D
adapted to the versatility of a Sony Betacam body.

The Canon 5D attaches to a quick released bracket
to a Sony camcorder. The Hyper 35 is lightweight and
balances nicely on the shoulder for easy hand
held all day shooting and clicks on or off a tripod at ease.

It has a rotating viewfinder for high and low shots or
shooting from the hip, all too easy.

The 5D is easy to focus due to the peaking circuits
in the Sony HD Viewfinder.

Operating the rig helps you shoot images far superior
to any other DLSR rig on the market.

The publicity shots have the 5D inverted. Originally it
was set this way to access the controls on the operator side,
but with field testing it was just as easy on the other side.)

It comes with V lock battery plate and onboard Power,
monitor as well as
a new Sony HD Colour or B&W Viewfinder.

Conversion costs

Hyper 35 Conversion $1750 plus configuration (at cost plus 15%)

Refurbished Sony Camcorder $850 or supply your own

Recommended configuration:

Sony 2" HD B&W CRT viewfinder
(A tube B&W viewfinder gives superior focusing ability over colour)

Integrated Director's monitor
HDMI or SDI taps out

To purchase a Hyper 35 Camera Conversion contact:

Graeme Beck


Level 11
65 York St Sydney 2000

+61 411 82 7799

electric films pty ltd