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Graeme Beck is a multi award winning Sydney
based Freelance Cinematographer and
won 16 Australian Cinematography Awards.



Time Lapse Photography

Industrial Reel

Drama and TVC Reel


The first feature film (commercially made
film over 1 hour in length) was the 1906
Australian film "The Story of the Kelly Gang."

The largest number of cameras used
in a single scene to date was
48 for the sea battle in Ben Hur.

42 Cameras were used in the Chariot Race
shooting 53,000 feet of film in a single day.

The most film shot on a Feature Film to date was
Howard Hughe's "Hell's Angels" which consumed
2,254,750 feet of film with a continuous running
time of 23 days.

The greatest number of known retakes was 342 for
the blind flower girl scene in Chaplin's "City Lights."
(He was in Love with the young Actress.)

(Chaplin directing the scene)

Marilyn Monroe did 59 takes in 'Some Like it Hot"
in which her only line was 'Where's the bourbon.'

The shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho involved 70
set ups over seven days for 45 seconds of edited footage.

The most costly news story ever to date was the
Centenary Air Race in Melbourne which was
transmitted to Britain over 68 hours at a cost
of US $30,000 in 1934. ($534,000 2015)
It was shown in 1500 cinemas within 48 hours.

"Jurassic Park" cost $90 million dollars to make and
$98 million dollars was spent in publicity.

The funeral scene in "Gandhi" contained around 300,000
extras, 94,560 contracted and over 200,000 volunteers.


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